Convert fluid ounce (US) to gill (UK)

How to Convert fluid ounce (US) to gill (UK)

To convert fluid ounce (US) to gill (UK), the formula is used,
G = F × 0.207947805
where the fl oz (US) to gi (UK) value is substituted to get the answer from Volume Converter.
1 fl oz (US)
0.2082 gi (UK)
1 gi (UK)
4.8038 fl oz (US)
Example: convert 15 fl oz (US) to gi (UK):
15 fl oz (US)
0.2082 gi (UK)
3.1225 gi (UK)

fluid ounce (US) to gill (UK) Conversion Table

fluid ounce (US) (fl oz (US))gill (UK) (gi (UK))
0.01 fl oz (US)0.002081685 gi (UK)
0.1 fl oz (US)0.020816855 gi (UK)
1 fl oz (US)0.208168546 gi (UK)
2 fl oz (US)0.416337092 gi (UK)
3 fl oz (US)0.624505638 gi (UK)
5 fl oz (US)1.040842731 gi (UK)
10 fl oz (US)2.081685462 gi (UK)
20 fl oz (US)4.163370923 gi (UK)
50 fl oz (US)10.40842731 gi (UK)
100 fl oz (US)20.81685462 gi (UK)
1000 fl oz (US)208.1685462 gi (UK)

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