Convert fluid ounce (US) to gallon (UK)

How to Convert fluid ounce (US) to gallon (UK)

To convert fluid ounce (US) to gallon (UK), the formula is used,
G = O × 0.00625
where the fl oz (US) to gal (UK) value is substituted to get the answer from Volume Converter.
1 fl oz (US)
0.0065 gal (UK)
1 gal (UK)
153.72 fl oz (US)
Example: convert 15 fl oz (US) to gal (UK):
15 fl oz (US)
0.0065 gal (UK)
0.0976 gal (UK)

fluid ounce (US) to gallon (UK) Conversion Table

fluid ounce (US) (fl oz (US))gallon (UK) (gal (UK))
0.01 fl oz (US)0.000065053 gal (UK)
0.1 fl oz (US)0.000650527 gal (UK)
1 fl oz (US)0.006505267 gal (UK)
2 fl oz (US)0.013010534 gal (UK)
3 fl oz (US)0.019515801 gal (UK)
5 fl oz (US)0.032526335 gal (UK)
10 fl oz (US)0.065052671 gal (UK)
20 fl oz (US)0.130105341 gal (UK)
50 fl oz (US)0.325263353 gal (UK)
100 fl oz (US)0.650526707 gal (UK)
1000 fl oz (US)6.505267067 gal (UK)

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