Convert fluid ounce (US) to pint (UK)

How to Convert fluid ounce (US) to pint (UK)

To convert fluid ounce (US) to pint (UK), the formula is used,
Pint (UK) = Fluid Ounce (US) × 0.0520421
where the fl oz (US) to pt (UK) value is substituted to get the answer from Volume Converter.
1 fl oz (US)
0.052 pt (UK)
1 pt (UK)
19.215 fl oz (US)
Example: convert 15 fl oz (US) to pt (UK):
15 fl oz (US)
0.052 pt (UK)
0.7806 pt (UK)

fluid ounce (US) to pint (UK) Conversion Table

fluid ounce (US) (fl oz (US))pint (UK) (pt (UK))
0.01 fl oz (US)0.000520421 pt (UK)
0.1 fl oz (US)0.005204214 pt (UK)
1 fl oz (US)0.052042137 pt (UK)
2 fl oz (US)0.104084273 pt (UK)
3 fl oz (US)0.15612641 pt (UK)
5 fl oz (US)0.260210683 pt (UK)
10 fl oz (US)0.520421365 pt (UK)
20 fl oz (US)1.040842731 pt (UK)
50 fl oz (US)2.602106827 pt (UK)
100 fl oz (US)5.204213654 pt (UK)
1000 fl oz (US)52.04213654 pt (UK)

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