Convert cup (US) to milliliter

What is a Cup (US)?

Cups are very common in American recipes and cooking. They are utilized for measuring both bulk products and liquids and they have their unique meaning. Thus, the volume of one Cup (US) is from 237 to 240 milliliters. It's also the same as half of an American pint.

In most cases, one US cup is taken as 240 ml to make the calculations and measurements more convenient. Since cups are a unit of volume, the weight of the measured products will be different. Therefore, while cooking, you may need special tables for the proper conversion of amounts of ingredients.

In addition, it’s worth mentioning that cups are not very accurate, for example, for flour. Its volume changes after sifting and grinding standards differ according to the country. The same happens with grated vegetables, fruits and cheese. Thus, one should be careful with cups and re-check the mass after taking the stated volume.

What is a milliliter?

If you need to measure a tiny amount of some liquid, you can do it using milliliters. These units do not belong to the standard systematic system but are still widely used in European and other countries. Such areas of life as medicine firmly stick to them and prefer them over all other options.

What does a milliliter mean? It corresponds to a 1/1000 part of a liter. The common designation for this option is mL.

If you want to imagine 1 mL, you have to think about a small cube with dimensions equal to 1 cm. Thus, it is the same as 1 cm3 that is a derivative of a systematic unit for volume measurement – a cubic meter.

In addition to their direct purpose, milliliters are also utilized for other derived physical units. For instance, density can be evaluated in g/ml3. Therefore, this option is quite common and popular.

How to Convert cups to milliliter

The following formulas and methods can be used to convert cups to ml:

  • Utilizing the transformation aspect: First, select the transformation aspect among cups and milliliters. In the matter of components, 1 cup to ml = 240 ml. Nevertheless, this percentage might vary by region. For illustration, 1/4 cup to ml = (1/4) * 240 milliliters = 60 milliliters
  • Operating multiplication: Once you have a transformation aspect, multiply the digit of cups by that aspect. The instructions are Ml= C x transformation aspect. For illustration, 2 cups of liquid and you operate a transformation aspect of 240 ml per cup, then ml = 2 c x 240 ml/c = 480 ml.
  • Employing a measuring utensil: If you don't have an exact modification rate, operate a measuring utensil to calculate the importance of liquid in ml. Fill the cup to the expected level and then calculate the ml serving with a measuring sovereign or counting cup prepared for ml.

You currently have several techniques for transforming importance from c cups to ml. Select the most suitable, counting on the available data and circumstances.

To convert cup (US) to milliliter , the formula is used,
ml = Cups × 236.588
where the cup (US) to mL value is substituted to get the answer from Volume Converter.
1 cup (US)
236.59 mL
1 mL
0.0042 cup (US)
Example: convert 15 cup (US) to mL:
15 cup (US)
236.59 mL
3548.8 mL

How many cup in a milliliter

Cups and milliliters measure importance, but they belong to additional height methods. 1 milliliter is around 0.0042 cup. For illustration, 240 milliliters approximates about 1 cup, but the identical percentage may vary depending on the region and the characteristic receptacle.

cup (US) milliliter (mL)
0.01 cup (US) 2.365882365 mL
0.1 cup (US) 23.65882365 mL
1 cup (US) 236.5882365 mL
2 cup (US) 473.176473 mL
3 cup (US) 709.7647095 mL
5 cup (US) 1182.941182 mL
10 cup (US) 2365.882365 mL
20 cup (US) 4731.76473 mL
50 cup (US) 11829.41182 mL
100 cup (US) 23658.82365 mL
1000 cup (US) 236588.2365 mL

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