Convert cubic foot to cubic yard

What is a cubic foot?

The cubic foot is a common option for volume evaluation in the USA. It can be designated as cft or ft^3 or cu.ft.

This unit corresponds to the volume occupied by a cube that have dimensions of 1 foot. In its turn, a foot is nearly equal to 0.3048 meters. Thus, one cubic foot is smaller than the systematic options.

In addition, it also equals approximately 28.3168 liters. Therefore, when you have some liquid measured in liters and want to transform it into cubic feet, you have to divide the given number by this multiplier.

Americans utilize cubic feet in different areas like construction, architecture, geology, etc. Thus, the size of large pieces of furniture or appliances is often given in these units.

It is worth mentioning that the cubic foot is common in the US, Canada and some other countries, but it does not belong to the standard system.

What is a cubic yard?

While evaluating volumes, one can encounter both systematic and non-systematic options. To the latter belongs a cubic yard that is common for the British.

To understand its value, we should first refer to the yard itself. This option appeared in medieval Great Britain as the distance from the tip of the king’s nose to the middle finger of the outstretched hand. However, it changed every time with the change of the monarch and that caused a lot of confusion.

At last, one yard was decided to be of the same length as 3 feet or 0.9144 meters. Therefore, one yd^3 is the same as a cube with all dimensions of one yard. This will be almost the same value as for one cubic meter.

The unit is not a systematic one but is still common in English-speaking countries and especially in the UK for measuring different volumes.

How to Convert cubic ft to Cubic Yards

Convert cubic ft to cubic yards is a straightforward technique. Since 1 yd³ is analogous to 27 ft³, you might employ this transformation element to make the computation.

The instructions for the cubic feet to cubic yards modification:

  • Cubic Yards =Cubic Feet×0.037037.

So, you reproduce ft³ by the inaccurate value of 0.037037 to obtain the importance in yd³ without manipulating fractions.

This cubic foot to cubic yards modification can be done manually and is beneficial for various public utilization including building, transformation of the region, and magnitude sizes.

To convert cubic foot to cubic yard , the formula is used,
cubic yard = cubic foot 27
where the ft^3 to yd^3 value is substituted to get the answer from Volume Converter.
1 ft^3
0.037 yd^3
1 yd^3
27 ft^3
Example: convert 15 ft^3 to yd^3:
15 ft^3
0.037 yd^3
0.5556 yd^3

How many cubic foot in a cubic yard

A cubic ft to cubic yards is elements of importance. There are 27 ft³ = 1 yd³. To demonstrate, guess a cube 3 feet in each stature; this forms one cubic yard. Within that yard, you'll find 27 smaller cubes, each one cubic foot in size. This discrepancy is essential for accurate volume measures in various applications, including building and landscaping.

cubic foot (ft^3) cubic yard (yd^3)
0.01 ft^3 0.00037037 yd^3
0.1 ft^3 0.003703704 yd^3
1 ft^3 0.037037037 yd^3
2 ft^3 0.074074074 yd^3
3 ft^3 0.111111111 yd^3
5 ft^3 0.185185185 yd^3
10 ft^3 0.37037037 yd^3
20 ft^3 0.740740741 yd^3
50 ft^3 1.851851852 yd^3
100 ft^3 3.703703704 yd^3
1000 ft^3 37.03703704 yd^3

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