Convert cup (US) to liter

What is a cup?

Among non-systematic units for volume evaluation, there is such an interesting option as cups. They are most often utilized in cooking and recipes. It may be convenient to measure the volume of some product with a cup. In addition, there is no need to be very accurate and precise in the amount required.

However, there is a trick with cups due to some cultural and traditional differences. Thus, there are at least four different values for this unit, namely:

  • European or metric corresponds to 250 ml;
  • American or cup (US) ranges from 237 to 240 ml;
  • English is equal to 284 ml;
  • Japanese is only 200 ml.

Altogether, we observe quite a big difference in 50 ml between Japanese and European cups and this can be crucial for the recipe. Furthermore, products with different grinding will differ in their values, both in volume and mass. That is why it is better always to check which cup was mentioned in the recipe.

What is a liter?

A liter is a unit of volume, part of the metric technique of measures. It is marked as "l" and is analogous to 1/1000 of a cubic meter. The l is split into ml, where one liter is similar to 1 thousand milliliters. This technique produces calculating the volume of liquids and dehydrated fabrics such as water, oil, and many others comfortable.

Liters are widely employed worldwide to calculate the importance of liquids and dry fabrics. They are operated in various industriousness, including cuisine, chemistry, medication, automotive, and even daily movements such as buying groceries at the shop or refueling your car. The metric method, including l, has become a standard in most nations, promoting multinational harmonization and employment.

How to Convert cups to liter

Convert cups to liters is a straightforward method that might be accomplished manually without relying online. 1 cup to liter is roughly = 0.2366 l. To perform this modification, you might operate the subsequent instructions:

  • L=Cups×0.2366. For the model, if you own 6 c of liquid that you desire to transform to l: L=6 Cups×0.2366=1.4196 l.
  • So, 6 cups are roughly analogous to 1.4196 liters.

Cups to l transformation allow adjusting recipes and heights when performing with dissimilar volume elements, specifically in cuisine, etc.

To convert cup (US) to liter , the formula is used,
L = C × 0.236588
where the cup (US) to L, l value is substituted to get the answer from Volume Converter.
1 cup (US)
0.2366 L, l
1 L, l
4.2268 cup (US)
Example: convert 15 cup (US) to L, l:
15 cup (US)
0.2366 L, l
3.5488 L, l

How many cups in a liter

Cups to liters are volume heights with distinct benefits. There are around 4.2267 cups/l. For representative, if you have 2 l of a beverage, that's roughly identical to 8.4534 cups. This transformation is helpful in kitchen contexts and for adjusting formulae to additional volume elements.

cup (US) liter (L, l)
0.01 cup (US) 0.002365882 L, l
0.1 cup (US) 0.023658824 L, l
1 cup (US) 0.236588236 L, l
2 cup (US) 0.473176473 L, l
3 cup (US) 0.709764709 L, l
5 cup (US) 1.182941182 L, l
10 cup (US) 2.365882365 L, l
20 cup (US) 4.73176473 L, l
50 cup (US) 11.82941182 L, l
100 cup (US) 23.65882365 L, l
1000 cup (US) 236.5882365 L, l

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