Convert teaspoon (US) to deciliter

How to Convert teaspoon (US) to deciliter

To convert teaspoon (US) to deciliter, the formula is used,
dL = tsp × 0.049
where the teaspoon (US) to dL value is substituted to get the answer from Volume Converter.
1 teaspoon (US)
0.0493 dL
1 dL
20.288 teaspoon (US)
Example: convert 15 teaspoon (US) to dL:
15 teaspoon (US)
0.0493 dL
0.7393 dL

teaspoon (US) to deciliter Conversion Table

teaspoon (US) deciliter (dL)
0.01 teaspoon (US)0.000492892 dL
0.1 teaspoon (US)0.004928922 dL
1 teaspoon (US)0.049289216 dL
2 teaspoon (US)0.098578432 dL
3 teaspoon (US)0.147867648 dL
5 teaspoon (US)0.24644608 dL
10 teaspoon (US)0.492892159 dL
20 teaspoon (US)0.985784319 dL
50 teaspoon (US)2.464460797 dL
100 teaspoon (US)4.928921594 dL
1000 teaspoon (US)49.28921594 dL

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