Convert quart (US) to cubic foot

How to Convert quart (US) to cubic foot

To convert quart (US) to cubic foot, the formula is used,
1 Quart = 0.0295735297 Cubic feet
where the qt (US) to ft^3 value is substituted to get the answer from Volume Converter.
1 qt (US)
0.0334 ft^3
1 ft^3
29.922 qt (US)
Example: convert 15 qt (US) to ft^3:
15 qt (US)
0.0334 ft^3
0.5013 ft^3

quart (US) to cubic foot Conversion Table

quart (US) (qt (US))cubic foot (ft^3)
0.01 qt (US)0.000334201 ft^3
0.1 qt (US)0.003342014 ft^3
1 qt (US)0.033420139 ft^3
2 qt (US)0.066840278 ft^3
3 qt (US)0.100260417 ft^3
5 qt (US)0.167100694 ft^3
10 qt (US)0.334201389 ft^3
20 qt (US)0.668402778 ft^3
50 qt (US)1.671006944 ft^3
100 qt (US)3.342013889 ft^3
1000 qt (US)33.42013889 ft^3

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