Convert gallon (US) to cubic meter

How to Convert gallon (US) to cubic meter

To convert gallon (US) to cubic meter, the formula is used,
1 Gallon (US) = 0.00378541 Cubic Meter
where the gal (US) to m^3 value is substituted to get the answer from Volume Converter.
1 gal (US)
0.0038 m^3
1 m^3
264.17 gal (US)
Example: convert 15 gal (US) to m^3:
15 gal (US)
0.0038 m^3
0.0568 m^3

gallon (US) to cubic meter Conversion Table

gallon (US) (gal (US))cubic meter (m^3)
0.01 gal (US)0.000037854 m^3
0.1 gal (US)0.000378541 m^3
1 gal (US)0.003785412 m^3
2 gal (US)0.007570824 m^3
3 gal (US)0.011356235 m^3
5 gal (US)0.018927059 m^3
10 gal (US)0.037854118 m^3
20 gal (US)0.075708236 m^3
50 gal (US)0.189270589 m^3
100 gal (US)0.378541178 m^3
1000 gal (US)3.785411784 m^3

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