Convert cubic centimeter to teaspoon (UK)

How to Convert cubic centimeter to teaspoon (UK)

To convert cubic centimeter to teaspoon (UK), the formula is used,
Tsp = cc × 0.0703904
where the cm^3 to teaspoon (UK) value is substituted to get the answer from Volume Converter.
1 cm^3
0.1689 teaspoon (UK)
1 teaspoon (UK)
5.9194 cm^3
Example: convert 15 cm^3 to teaspoon (UK):
15 cm^3
0.1689 teaspoon (UK)
2.534 teaspoon (UK)

cubic centimeter to teaspoon (UK) Conversion Table

cubic centimeter (cm^3)teaspoon (UK)
0.01 cm^30.001689364 teaspoon (UK)
0.1 cm^30.016893638 teaspoon (UK)
1 cm^30.168936383 teaspoon (UK)
2 cm^30.337872765 teaspoon (UK)
3 cm^30.506809148 teaspoon (UK)
5 cm^30.844681913 teaspoon (UK)
10 cm^31.689363827 teaspoon (UK)
20 cm^33.378727654 teaspoon (UK)
50 cm^38.446819135 teaspoon (UK)
100 cm^316.89363827 teaspoon (UK)
1000 cm^3168.9363827 teaspoon (UK)

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