Convert gigajoule to therm (US)

How to Convert gigajoule to therm (US)

To convert gigajoule to therm (US), the formula is used,
Therm (US) = Gigajoule * 0.009478
where the GJ to therm (US) value is substituted to get the answer from Energy Converter.
1 GJ
9.4804 therm (US)
1 therm (US)
0.1055 GJ
Example: convert 15 GJ to therm (US):
15 GJ
9.4804 therm (US)
142.21 therm (US)

gigajoule to therm (US) Conversion Table

gigajoule (GJ)therm (US)
0.01 GJ0.094804343 therm (US)
0.1 GJ0.948043428 therm (US)
1 GJ9.48043428 therm (US)
2 GJ18.96086856 therm (US)
3 GJ28.44130284 therm (US)
5 GJ47.4021714 therm (US)
10 GJ94.8043428 therm (US)
20 GJ189.6086856 therm (US)
50 GJ474.021714 therm (US)
100 GJ948.043428 therm (US)
1000 GJ9480.43428 therm (US)

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