Convert gigajoule to kiloton

How to Convert gigajoule to kiloton

To convert gigajoule to kiloton, the formula is used,
Kt = GJ 2.390057361376673040152963671128e-7
where the GJ to kton value is substituted to get the answer from Energy Converter.
1 GJ
0.0002 kton
1 kton
4184 GJ
Example: convert 15 GJ to kton:
15 GJ
0.0002 kton
0.0036 kton

gigajoule to kiloton Conversion Table

gigajoule (GJ)kiloton (kton)
0.01 GJ0.00000239 kton
0.1 GJ0.000023901 kton
1 GJ0.000239006 kton
2 GJ0.000478011 kton
3 GJ0.000717017 kton
5 GJ0.001195029 kton
10 GJ0.002390057 kton
20 GJ0.004780115 kton
50 GJ0.011950287 kton
100 GJ0.023900574 kton
1000 GJ0.239005736 kton

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