Convert newton meter to kilogram-force meter

What is a newton meter?

What is a newton meter? Let's start with newton. This is a standard metric for the evaluation of force, named after a famous scientist.

There is also a kilogram-force (kgf) option that is familiar and understandable. For example, a person weighs 70 kg, this is exactly the force with which he presses on a horizontal surface.

However, kgf is not recognized internationally. For this, we have newtons that are widely used in mechanical engineering and the auto industry. It’s easy to convert them into kilogram-forces, since 1 kgf = 9.8 or approximately 10 N.

Now, if you take a lever one meter long, put it on a screw and apply a force of one newton (1 N) to the opposite end, then a moment will appear on it when tightening of one newton meter or 1 nm. If you apply a force of 10 N, you’ll get 10 nm and so on. Thus, it is the force multiplied by the length of the lever.

What is a kilogram force meter?

A kilogram force meter is a metric utilized for the evaluation of work and energy. To understand its meaning, let’s consider closely what a kilogram-force is. The latter is nearly equal to the force with which a 1-kg body presses on a scale on the surface of the Earth.

This unit is quite convenient and has sufficient accuracy. Thus, it is simple to imagine, for example, what a force of 3 or 10 kgf is. In addition, 1 kgf corresponds to 9.80665 or approximately 10 N.

Another advantage of using it is that the kilogram-force per square centimeter is a good approximation of normal atmospheric value of pressure.

As for the kilogram force meter, one such unit equals the work done by a force of 1 kgf which moves at a distance of 1 meter in its direction. One kgf m is equal to 9.80665 J.

How to Convert newton meter to kilogram-force meter

To convert nm to kg force meter, you might employ the subsequent instructions and techniques:

  • Employing the essential regulations: Kgf is an element of power analogous to the power demanded to subsidize a 1-kg assembly in the Earth's gravitational specialization. Use the instructions: 1 kgf·m = 9.81 N·m.
  • Straightforward Newton meter to kilogram-force meter modification: If you contain a discount in Newton meters, you might separate it by 9.81 to transform it into kg-f-m. kgf·m = Nm / 9.81

These techniques authorize you to complete the m to kg force meter transformation without depending on online assistance.

To convert newton meter to kilogram-force meter , the formula is used,
kgf·m = N·m · 0.101971621
where the N*m to kilogram-force meter value is substituted to get the answer from Energy Converter.
1 N*m
0.102 kilogram-force meter
1 kilogram-force meter
9.8066 N*m
Example: convert 15 N*m to kilogram-force meter:
15 N*m
0.102 kilogram-force meter
1.5296 kilogram-force meter

How many newton meter in a kilogram-force meter

A Nm and a kgf·m are both of torque but differ in their descriptions. One kg-f-m equals 9.81 N-m, which accepts 9.81 Nm of torque to counteract a 1-kg. For illustration, lifting a 1-kg importance with a 1-m-long lever arm demands 9.81 Nm of torque, comparable to 1 kgf·m.

newton meter (N*m) kilogram-force meter
0.01 N*m 0.001019716 kilogram-force meter
0.1 N*m 0.010197162 kilogram-force meter
1 N*m 0.101971621 kilogram-force meter
2 N*m 0.203943243 kilogram-force meter
3 N*m 0.305914864 kilogram-force meter
5 N*m 0.509858107 kilogram-force meter
10 N*m 1.019716213 kilogram-force meter
20 N*m 2.039432426 kilogram-force meter
50 N*m 5.098581065 kilogram-force meter
100 N*m 10.19716213 kilogram-force meter
1000 N*m 101.9716213 kilogram-force meter

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