Convert foot-pound to kilocalorie (IT)

How to Convert foot-pound to kilocalorie (IT)

To convert foot-pound to kilocalorie (IT), the formula is used,
Kilocalories = Foot-pounds * 0.000323831
where the ft*lbf to kcal (IT) value is substituted to get the answer from Energy Converter.
1 ft*lbf
0.0003 kcal (IT)
1 kcal (IT)
3088 ft*lbf
Example: convert 15 ft*lbf to kcal (IT):
15 ft*lbf
0.0003 kcal (IT)
0.0049 kcal (IT)

foot-pound to kilocalorie (IT) Conversion Table

foot-pound (ft*lbf)kilocalorie (IT) (kcal (IT))
0.01 ft*lbf0.000003238 kcal (IT)
0.1 ft*lbf0.000032383 kcal (IT)
1 ft*lbf0.000323832 kcal (IT)
2 ft*lbf0.000647663 kcal (IT)
3 ft*lbf0.000971495 kcal (IT)
5 ft*lbf0.001619158 kcal (IT)
10 ft*lbf0.003238316 kcal (IT)
20 ft*lbf0.006476631 kcal (IT)
50 ft*lbf0.016191578 kcal (IT)
100 ft*lbf0.032383155 kcal (IT)
1000 ft*lbf0.323831554 kcal (IT)

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