Convert foot-pound to Btu (th)

How to Convert foot-pound to Btu (th)

To convert foot-pound to Btu (th), the formula is used,
Btu ( th ) = Foot-pound 0.000293071
where the ft*lbf to Btu (th) value is substituted to get the answer from Energy Converter.
1 ft*lbf
0.0013 Btu (th)
1 Btu (th)
777.65 ft*lbf
Example: convert 15 ft*lbf to Btu (th):
15 ft*lbf
0.0013 Btu (th)
0.0193 Btu (th)

foot-pound to Btu (th) Conversion Table

foot-pound (ft*lbf)Btu (th) (Btu (th))
0.01 ft*lbf0.000012859 Btu (th)
0.1 ft*lbf0.000128593 Btu (th)
1 ft*lbf0.001285928 Btu (th)
2 ft*lbf0.002571856 Btu (th)
3 ft*lbf0.003857783 Btu (th)
5 ft*lbf0.006429639 Btu (th)
10 ft*lbf0.012859278 Btu (th)
20 ft*lbf0.025718555 Btu (th)
50 ft*lbf0.064296389 Btu (th)
100 ft*lbf0.128592777 Btu (th)
1000 ft*lbf1.285927774 Btu (th)

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