Convert hectare to square meter

What is a hectare?

A hectare is utilized to evaluate areas. It was introduced in 1879 together with the parameters and international designation as ha.

The term has a Greek origin and means a hundred ares. The latter is also a metric equal to a square with 10 m sides. Thus, our metric is a hundred ares. To convert hectares to some other option, the following ratios should be utilized:

  • the ha size corresponds to hectometer;
  • 1 such metric is the same as 100 dam²;
  • in square m it is 10,000;
  • the same value in square km is 0.01.

This metric is mainly utilized in agriculture and forestry to determine the size of forest plantations, agricultural land, farm fields and other non-residential areas. Also, the maximum size of a rugby field is just over 1 ha and an ordinary football field for international matches occupies an area of 0.7 hectares.

What is a square meter?

Square meters is the common option for the evaluation of areas in different countries. They are based on a standard internationally recognized unit and are designated as m^2.

To understand what is a square meter, imagine a corresponding geometric figure with all sides equal to 1 m or 100 cm. That is exactly an area that is established as one m^2.

Basically, this metric represents the product of the multiplication of two numerical values, namely the length and width of an object. Its length is multiplied by the width. The result obtained is an area or numerical characteristic of the plane. Most often, this parameter is encountered when calculating the space of a room, while buying land or thinking about the amount of building materials’ consumption.

Altogether, it is quite convenient and common in everyday life and corresponds to 0.000001 sq. kilometers or 0.0001 hectares.

How to Convert hectare to square meter

It is not a big deal to transform hectare to sqm if you remember the meaning of these two options. Thus, one hectare to square meter gives such a large number as 10000. The latter is a useful multiplier to perform this kind of task.

For instance, to convert 1 hectare to square meter, one has to multiply by 10000. If the initial value is 2, the answer will be 20000 sqm, in the case of 5 ha – 50000 sqm and so on. So, this metric is bigger by 104 compared to sqm.

How to Convert hectare to square meter
To convert hectare to square meter, the formula is used,
SqMeter = Hectare × 10000
where the ha to m^2 value is substituted to get the answer from Area Converter.
1 ha
10000 m^2
1 m^2
0.0001 ha
Example: convert 15 ha to m^2:
15 ha
10000 m^2
15000e+1 m^2

How many hectare in a square meter

These options are similar in meaning. Imagine a square with 100-meter dimensions, while the other means this figure but with 1-meter sides. Thus, we have 104 difference between their areas, so 1 hectare to m2 gives 10000, and vice versa a sq meter contains 0.0001 ha.

hectare (ha)square meter (m^2)
0.01 ha100 m^2
0.1 ha1000 m^2
1 ha10000 m^2
2 ha20000 m^2
3 ha30000 m^2
5 ha50000 m^2
10 ha100000 m^2
20 ha200000 m^2
50 ha500000 m^2
100 ha1000000 m^2
1000 ha10000000 m^2

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