Convert square foot to square meter

What is a square foot ?

The square foot, denoted as sq ft or ft², is an element of the size of area widely employed in the USA, Canada, and several other nations where a method of measures established on feet and inches survives. It is the area equal to the square of one foot in length and width. One just foot is analogous to around 0.0929 square m.

Historically, the square ft originated in ancient height methods, where various lengths were established on parts of the human body, such as feet. This was opportunely for calculating land locations and buildings in the pre-industrial era. Later, the criteria method was standardized and refined to evolve more accurately and consistently.

Today, ft² is widely utilized to calculate residential and commercial square footage, as well as in building and real estate. For illustration, when buying a property, you may be informed of the square footage of the house. This metric is also helpful for estimating the required square footage when planning furniture, renovations, or landscaping. Thus, the square feet remain a fundamental and usually operated metric that can facilitate counting and approximating the sizes of various things and spaces.

What is a square meter?

Square meters is the common option for the evaluation of areas in different countries. They are based on a standard internationally recognized unit and are designated as m^2.

To understand what is a square meter, imagine a corresponding geometric figure with all sides equal to 1 m or 100 cm. That is exactly an area that is established as one m^2.

Basically, this metric represents the product of the multiplication of two numerical values, namely the length and width of an object. Its length is multiplied by the width. The result obtained is an area or numerical characteristic of the plane. Most often, this parameter is encountered when calculating the space of a room, while buying land or thinking about the amount of building materials’ consumption.

Altogether, it is quite convenient and common in everyday life and corresponds to 0.000001 sq. kilometers or 0.0001 hectares.

How to Convert square foot to square meter

The variety of square units is utilized for area evaluation and their transformations, such as a task to convert sq ft to sq mtr, are also quite common.

To solve it, one should remember the correlation that states 1 sq feet to sq meter gives 0.09290304. The latter value can be rounded up to 0.009 or other suitable precision level and then freely utilized for other square foot to square meter transformations. For instance, 3 sq feet give 3 x 0.009 = 0.027 sqm.

To convert square foot to square meter, the formula is used,
m^2 = ft^2 * 0.0929030
where the ft^2 to m^2 value is substituted to get the answer from Area Converter.
1 ft^2
0.0929 m^2
1 m^2
10.764 ft^2
Example: convert 15 ft^2 to m^2:
15 ft^2
0.0929 m^2
1.3935 m^2

How many square foot in a square meter

These two options for the evaluation of an area are quite different in meaning. As we already mentioned sqft to sqm transformations give approximately 0.09290304. By dividing 1 by this coefficient, we get 10.76391042 and this is a vice versa correspondence or the amount of sqft in a sqm.

square foot (ft^2)square meter (m^2)
0.01 ft^20.00092903 m^2
0.1 ft^20.009290304 m^2
1 ft^20.09290304 m^2
2 ft^20.18580608 m^2
3 ft^20.27870912 m^2
5 ft^20.4645152 m^2
10 ft^20.9290304 m^2
20 ft^21.8580608 m^2
50 ft^24.645152 m^2
100 ft^29.290304 m^2
1000 ft^292.90304 m^2

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