Convert hectare to acre (US survey)

How to Convert hectare to acre (US survey)

1 ha
2.471 ac
1 ac
0.4047 ha
Example: convert 15 ha to ac:
15 ha
2.471 ac
37.066 ac

hectare to acre (US survey) Conversion Table

hectare (ha)
acre (US survey) (ac)
0.01 ha0.024710439 ac
0.1 ha0.247104393 ac
1 ha2.47104393 ac
2 ha4.942087861 ac
3 ha7.413131791 ac
5 ha12.35521965 ac
10 ha24.7104393 ac
20 ha49.42087861 ac
50 ha123.5521965 ac
100 ha247.104393 ac
1000 ha2471.04393 ac

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