Convert watt to volt ampere

What is a watt?

Watt is a metric for power evaluation. It got its name after the eponymous physicist, who devoted his time and effort to this area of science. Before the introduction of this option in the late XIX century, for this purpose, horsepower was utilized. Interestingly, it was designed by the same scientist. Still, later the standard system switched to watts.

Modern watt (W) has a meaning of power at which the 1-Joule work is performed during one second. The common abbreviation is W. Many derivatives with common prefixes like kilo- and giga- are utilized in practice.

The evaluation of power in these terms serves as a key characteristic of devices that run on thermal or electrical energy. You can easily find watts on the packaging of the device, which gives the general understanding of its capacity. Thus, everything that is related to thermal or electrical power can be described using this metric.

What is a volt ampere?

Voltage, electric current and power are closely related terms in physics. They utilize a set of special metrics and one of them is volt ampere or VA.

Such a metric as volts stands for the voltage. Thus, in the usual socket, there is 220V. As for amperes, they reveal the strength of the current.

At last, when you select any electrical device like a kettle, stove or oven, you’ll discover how much power it consumes. It will be measured in watts (W).

How to find out the power of a particular device, knowing the voltage of your socket is 220 volts and the current is, for instance, 3A? Everything is simple. Just multiply 220V × 3A and you will get the answer, namely 660W or volt-amperes.

Knowing two of these parameters, you can always calculate another one. Therefore, the general rule is Power (W) = Current (A) x Voltage (V).

How to Convert watt to volt ampere

To convert watt to volt ampere, you must comprehend the power factor and the connection between active and apparent power. Here's how you might complete it:

  • Understand Power Aspect: The power aspect measures how electrical power is transformed into practical work results. It ranges from 0 to 1, where 1 indicates a perfect conversion. Power factor is typically given in the problem or can be determined through measurements.
  • Operate the Instructions: The instructions to correct watts to volt-amperes are: VA = W / PF.
  • Determine the Power Aspect: If not given, you may be required to calculate watts to VA by operating a power meter or referring to equipment specifications.
To convert watt to volt ampere , the formula is used,
V / A = W
where the Watt to V*A value is substituted to get the answer from Power Converter.
1 Watt
1 V*A
1 V*A
1 Watt
Example: convert 15 Watt to V*A:
15 Watt
1 V*A
15 V*A

How many watt in volt ampere

W to VA and volt-amperes are connected but differ due to the power factor. Watts symbolize real or dynamic power, while volt-amperes describe transparent power. In unimpeachably resistive loads, they are identical. Nevertheless, VA might be more elevated than W in complex loads with a power element of less than 1. For illustration, an instrument with a power factor of 0.8 would demand 125 VA to deliver 100 W of true power.

watt (Watt) volt ampere (V*A)
0.01 Watt 0.01 V*A
0.1 Watt 0.1 V*A
1 Watt 1 V*A
2 Watt 2 V*A
3 Watt 3 V*A
5 Watt 5 V*A
10 Watt 10 V*A
20 Watt 20 V*A
50 Watt 50 V*A
100 Watt 100 V*A
1000 Watt 1000 V*A

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