Convert watt to Btu (IT)/hour

What is a watt?

Watt is a metric for power evaluation. It got its name after the eponymous physicist, who devoted his time and effort to this area of science. Before the introduction of this option in the late XIX century, for this purpose, horsepower was utilized. Interestingly, it was designed by the same scientist. Still, later the standard system switched to watts.

Modern watt (W) has a meaning of power at which the 1-Joule work is performed during one second. The common abbreviation is W. Many derivatives with common prefixes like kilo- and giga- are utilized in practice.

The evaluation of power in these terms serves as a key characteristic of devices that run on thermal or electrical energy. You can easily find watts on the packaging of the device, which gives the general understanding of its capacity. Thus, everything that is related to thermal or electrical power can be described using this metric.

What is a Btu (IT)/hour?

The traditional British system of metrics still utilizes its own thermal unit for the evaluation of such energy value. Thus, many regions apply it instead of the calorie to describe heat, as well as in designating the capacity of heaters and refrigerators in Btu (IT)/hour. In other areas, it was replaced by joules.

This metric corresponds to the heat that makes 1-pound of water hotter for 1 degree Fahrenheit. It equals approximately 252 cal. There are also other definitions, that is why values may vary by up to 0.5%.

The most common example of its utilization is such a derivative as Btu/h. The latter is common in the specifications of equipment intended for indoor air conditioning.

If you would like to transform BTU/hour to other units, you will have to apply the following correlations:

  • 1 kW approximately equals 3412 Btu/h;
  • 1000 Btu/h correspond to 293 W.

How to Convert watt to Btu (IT)/hour

Converting watts to Btus (th)/hour affects understanding of the connection between heat energy and power. Here's how you might transform watts to BTU/hr:

  • Understand the Transformation Aspect: The transformation aspect for this process is approximately 3.412 BTU/hr per watt. This factor represents how energy is transformed from electrical power to heat energy.
  • Utilize the Instructions: BTU/hr is equal to W multiplied by 3.412.
  • Perform the W to BTU/h Calculation: Multiply the power in watts by the modification factor: BTU/hr = W × 3.412.
To convert watt to Btu (IT)/hour , the formula is used,
Btu ( IT ) / hour = Watt * 3.412142
where the Watt to Btu,h value is substituted to get the answer from Power Converter.
1 Watt
3.4121 Btu,h
1 Btu,h
0.2931 Watt
Example: convert 15 Watt to Btu,h:
15 Watt
3.4121 Btu,h
51.182 Btu,h

How many watt to Btu (IT)/hour

Watt to Btu (IT)/hour calculate different aspects of energy. Watts symbolizes power, while BTU/hr symbolizes the rate of heat energy transfer. To correct, operate the factor of roughly 3.412 BTU/hr per watt. For illustration, 100 watts = around 341.2 BTU/hr. They differ because watts calculate electrical power, while BTU/hr quantifies heat result or transfer speed.

watt (Watt) Btu (IT)/hour (Btu,h)
0.01 Watt 0.034121416 Btu,h
0.1 Watt 0.341214163 Btu,h
1 Watt 3.412141633 Btu,h
2 Watt 6.824283266 Btu,h
3 Watt 10.2364249 Btu,h
5 Watt 17.06070817 Btu,h
10 Watt 34.12141633 Btu,h
20 Watt 68.24283266 Btu,h
50 Watt 170.6070817 Btu,h
100 Watt 341.2141633 Btu,h
1000 Watt 3412.141633 Btu,h

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