Convert gilbert to ampere turn

How to Convert gilbert to ampere turn

To convert gilbert to ampere turn, the formula is used,
A = G 0.79577471
where the Gi to At value is substituted to get the answer from Magnetomotive Force Converter.
1 Gi
0.7958 At
1 At
1.2566 Gi
Example: convert 15 Gi to At:
15 Gi
0.7958 At
11.937 At

gilbert to ampere turn Conversion Table

gilbert (Gi)ampere turn (At)
0.01 Gi0.007957747 At
0.1 Gi0.079577472 At
1 Gi0.795774715 At
2 Gi1.59154943 At
3 Gi2.387324145 At
5 Gi3.978873576 At
10 Gi7.957747151 At
20 Gi15.9154943 At
50 Gi39.78873576 At
100 Gi79.57747151 At
1000 Gi795.7747151 At

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