Convert ampere turn to gilbert

How to Convert ampere turn to gilbert

To convert ampere turn to gilbert, the formula is used,
G = A × 1.25664
where the At to Gi value is substituted to get the answer from Magnetomotive Force Converter.
1 At
1.2566 Gi
1 Gi
0.7958 At
Example: convert 15 At to Gi:
15 At
1.2566 Gi
18.85 Gi

ampere turn to gilbert Conversion Table

ampere turn (At)gilbert (Gi)
0.01 At0.012566371 Gi
0.1 At0.125663706 Gi
1 At1.256637062 Gi
2 At2.513274124 Gi
3 At3.769911186 Gi
5 At6.28318531 Gi
10 At12.56637062 Gi
20 At25.13274124 Gi
50 At62.8318531 Gi
100 At125.6637062 Gi
1000 At1256.637062 Gi

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