Convert megajoule to therm (EC)

How to Convert megajoule to therm (EC)

To convert megajoule to therm (EC), the formula is used,
Therm = MJ × 0.009478
where the MJ to therm (EC) value is substituted to get the answer from Energy Converter.
1 MJ
0.0095 therm (EC)
1 therm (EC)
105.51 MJ
Example: convert 15 MJ to therm (EC):
15 MJ
0.0095 therm (EC)
0.1422 therm (EC)

megajoule to therm (EC) Conversion Table

megajoule (MJ)therm (EC)
0.01 MJ0.000094782 therm (EC)
0.1 MJ0.000947817 therm (EC)
1 MJ0.00947817 therm (EC)
2 MJ0.01895634 therm (EC)
3 MJ0.02843451 therm (EC)
5 MJ0.047390849 therm (EC)
10 MJ0.094781699 therm (EC)
20 MJ0.189563398 therm (EC)
50 MJ0.473908494 therm (EC)
100 MJ0.947816988 therm (EC)
1000 MJ9.478169879 therm (EC)

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