Convert kilocalorie (th) to Btu (th)

How to Convert kilocalorie (th) to Btu (th)

To convert kilocalorie (th) to Btu (th), the formula is used,
Btu ( th ) = kc ( th ) * 3.96832
where the kcal (th) to Btu (th) value is substituted to get the answer from Energy Converter.
1 kcal (th)
3.9683 Btu (th)
1 Btu (th)
0.252 kcal (th)
Example: convert 15 kcal (th) to Btu (th):
15 kcal (th)
3.9683 Btu (th)
59.525 Btu (th)

kilocalorie (th) to Btu (th) Conversion Table

kilocalorie (th) (kcal (th))Btu (th) (Btu (th))
0.01 kcal (th)0.039683217 Btu (th)
0.1 kcal (th)0.396832171 Btu (th)
1 kcal (th)3.968321715 Btu (th)
2 kcal (th)7.93664343 Btu (th)
3 kcal (th)11.90496514 Btu (th)
5 kcal (th)19.84160857 Btu (th)
10 kcal (th)39.68321715 Btu (th)
20 kcal (th)79.3664343 Btu (th)
50 kcal (th)198.4160857 Btu (th)
100 kcal (th)396.8321715 Btu (th)
1000 kcal (th)3968.321715 Btu (th)

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