Convert liter to pint dry (US)

How to Convert liter to pint dry (US)

To convert liter to pint dry (US), the formula is used,
Pints = Liters × 1.8161659685377
where the L,l to pt dry (US) value is substituted to get the answer from Volume - Dry Converter.
1 L,l
1.8162 pt dry (US)
1 pt dry (US)
0.5506 L,l
Example: convert 15 L,l to pt dry (US):
15 L,l
1.8162 pt dry (US)
27.242 pt dry (US)

liter to pint dry (US) Conversion Table

liter (L,l)pint dry (US) (pt dry (US))
0.01 L,l0.01816166 pt dry (US)
0.1 L,l0.181616597 pt dry (US)
1 L,l1.816165968 pt dry (US)
2 L,l3.632331937 pt dry (US)
3 L,l5.448497905 pt dry (US)
5 L,l9.080829842 pt dry (US)
10 L,l18.16165968 pt dry (US)
20 L,l36.32331937 pt dry (US)
50 L,l90.80829842 pt dry (US)
100 L,l181.6165968 pt dry (US)
1000 L,l1816.165968 pt dry (US)

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