Convert newton/meter to poundal/inch

How to Convert newton/meter to poundal/inch

To convert newton/meter to poundal/inch, the formula is used,
1 Newton/m = 23.7304 Poundal/inch
where the N,m to pdl,in value is substituted to get the answer from Surface Tension Converter.
1 N,m
0.1837 pdl,in
1 pdl,in
5.4431 N,m
Example: convert 15 N,m to pdl,in:
15 N,m
0.1837 pdl,in
2.7558 pdl,in

newton/meter to poundal/inch Conversion Table

newton/meter (N,m)poundal/inch (pdl,in)
0.01 N,m0.001837186 pdl,in
0.1 N,m0.018371855 pdl,in
1 N,m0.18371855 pdl,in
2 N,m0.3674371 pdl,in
3 N,m0.55115565 pdl,in
5 N,m0.91859275 pdl,in
10 N,m1.837185501 pdl,in
20 N,m3.674371002 pdl,in
50 N,m9.185927505 pdl,in
100 N,m18.37185501 pdl,in
1000 N,m183.7185501 pdl,in

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