Convert meter/second to knot (UK)

How to Convert meter/second to knot (UK)

To convert meter/second to knot (UK), the formula is used,
knots = meter/second * 1.943844
where the m,s to kt (UK) value is substituted to get the answer from Speed Converter.
1 m,s
1.9426 kt (UK)
1 kt (UK)
0.5148 m,s
Example: convert 15 m,s to kt (UK):
15 m,s
1.9426 kt (UK)
29.139 kt (UK)

meter/second to knot (UK) Conversion Table

meter/second (m,s)knot (UK) (kt (UK))
0.01 m,s0.019426026 kt (UK)
0.1 m,s0.194260257 kt (UK)
1 m,s1.942602569 kt (UK)
2 m,s3.885205139 kt (UK)
3 m,s5.827807708 kt (UK)
5 m,s9.713012847 kt (UK)
10 m,s19.42602569 kt (UK)
20 m,s38.85205139 kt (UK)
50 m,s97.13012847 kt (UK)
100 m,s194.2602569 kt (UK)
1000 m,s1942.602569 kt (UK)

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