Convert psi to kilopascal

What is a psi?

English-speaking countries such as Canada, Great Britain and the US prefer to stick to their own units that differ from the systematic options. For instance, for pressure, a psi option exists that has its own meaning and value.

Pound-force per square inch is what stays behind this unusual abbreviation. That is why, it is the same as the pressure of a corresponding force that influences an area of one square inch. If we wish to convert this option into Pa, it will give us approximately 6895.

In practice, some derived psi options are also common in the USA. Thus, ksi corresponds to a thousand psi. Another option is Mpsi, which is equal to one million psi. These units are more often utilized for scientific purposes due to their quite large values. They can be more convenient in the calculations of the properties of metals and related tasks.

What is a kilopascal?

Pressure is on the basic physical characteristics of the world around us and it can be measured in different units. Talking about the systematic options, they are represented by pascal.

This unit was named after a well-known French scientist and corresponds to the pressure that the force of one newton creates on a surface of ​​one square meter. Thus, according to its definition, one pascal or Pa for short is equal to 1 N/m2.

Furthermore, a kilopascal is a derivative of this option. Prefix kilo always refers to 1000 or 103. Thus, a kpa is the same as 1000 Pa or 103 Pa. Such a derivative is useful for different scientific purposes and mathematical and physical calculations. While working with large numbers, it is more convenient to utilize kpa than Pa.

As for the correspondence to other units, one kilopascal is equal to 0.01 bar or 0,145 psi.

How to Transform psi to kpa

To convert psi to kpa, employ the subsequent techniques:

  • Employing instructions: The instructions for transforming psi to kpa is 1 psi =6.89 kPa. Bear the matter in psi by 6.89, and you will get the analogous value in kPa.
  • Utilizing transformation aspects: You might also employ a transformation aspect that is 6.89476 to complete the psi to kpa conversion. Model: If you have 75 psi and you desire to discover how much it is in kPa, bear 75 by the transformation aspect: So, 350 psi to kilopascal: 350 psi * 6.89 kPa/psi ≈ 2412.636 kPa.
1 psi
6.8948 kPa
1 kPa
0.145 psi
Example: convert 15 psi to kPa:
15 psi
6.8948 kPa
103.42 kPa

How many psi are in a kpa

Lbf/in2 and kPa are two different elements of tension extent. Lbf/in2 to kpa - roughly comparable to 6.89 kPa. This indicates that 1 psi includes around 6.89 kilopascals.

psi (psi)
kilopascal (kPa)
0.01 psi0.068947573 kPa
0.1 psi0.689475729 kPa
1 psi6.894757293 kPa
2 psi13.78951459 kPa
3 psi20.68427188 kPa
5 psi34.47378647 kPa
10 psi68.94757293 kPa
20 psi137.8951459 kPa
50 psi344.7378647 kPa
100 psi689.4757293 kPa
1000 psi6894.757293 kPa

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