Convert watt/square meter/K to Btu (IT)/hour/square foot/%b0F

How to Convert watt/square meter/K to Btu (IT)/hour/square foot/%b0F

To convert watt/square meter/K to Btu (IT)/hour/square foot/%b0F, the formula is used,
1 W/m²•K = 0.1761102 Btu/h•ft²•°F
where the watt/square meter/K to Btu (IT)/hour/square foot/%b0F value is substituted to get the answer from Heat Transfer Coefficient Converter.
1 watt/square meter/K
0.1761 Btu (IT)/hour/square foot/%b0F
1 Btu (IT)/hour/square foot/%b0F
5.6783 watt/square meter/K
Example: convert 15 watt/square meter/K to Btu (IT)/hour/square foot/%b0F:
15 watt/square meter/K
0.1761 Btu (IT)/hour/square foot/%b0F
2.6417 Btu (IT)/hour/square foot/%b0F

watt/square meter/K to Btu (IT)/hour/square foot/%b0F Conversion Table

watt/square meter/K Btu (IT)/hour/square foot/%b0F
0.01 watt/square meter/K0.001761102 Btu (IT)/hour/square foot/%b0F
0.1 watt/square meter/K0.017611018 Btu (IT)/hour/square foot/%b0F
1 watt/square meter/K0.176110184 Btu (IT)/hour/square foot/%b0F
2 watt/square meter/K0.352220367 Btu (IT)/hour/square foot/%b0F
3 watt/square meter/K0.528330551 Btu (IT)/hour/square foot/%b0F
5 watt/square meter/K0.880550918 Btu (IT)/hour/square foot/%b0F
10 watt/square meter/K1.761101837 Btu (IT)/hour/square foot/%b0F
20 watt/square meter/K3.522203674 Btu (IT)/hour/square foot/%b0F
50 watt/square meter/K8.805509184 Btu (IT)/hour/square foot/%b0F
100 watt/square meter/K17.61101837 Btu (IT)/hour/square foot/%b0F
1000 watt/square meter/K176.1101837 Btu (IT)/hour/square foot/%b0F

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