Convert Btu (IT)/second/square foot to watt/square meter

How to Convert Btu (IT)/second/square foot to watt/square meter

To convert Btu (IT)/second/square foot to watt/square meter, the formula is used,
W/m² = Btu/s/ft² * 1.13565267
where the Btu (IT)/second/square foot to W,m^2 value is substituted to get the answer from Heat Flux Density Converter.
1 Btu (IT)/second/square foot
11357 W,m^2
1 W,m^2
0.0001 Btu (IT)/second/square foot
Example: convert 15 Btu (IT)/second/square foot to W,m^2:
15 Btu (IT)/second/square foot
11357 W,m^2
17034e+1 W,m^2

Btu (IT)/second/square foot to watt/square meter Conversion Table

Btu (IT)/second/square foot watt/square meter (W,m^2)
0.01 Btu (IT)/second/square foot113.5652668 W,m^2
0.1 Btu (IT)/second/square foot1135.652668 W,m^2
1 Btu (IT)/second/square foot11356.52668 W,m^2
2 Btu (IT)/second/square foot22713.05336 W,m^2
3 Btu (IT)/second/square foot34069.58005 W,m^2
5 Btu (IT)/second/square foot56782.63341 W,m^2
10 Btu (IT)/second/square foot113565.2668 W,m^2
20 Btu (IT)/second/square foot227130.5336 W,m^2
50 Btu (IT)/second/square foot567826.3341 W,m^2
100 Btu (IT)/second/square foot1135652.668 W,m^2
1000 Btu (IT)/second/square foot11356526.68 W,m^2

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