Convert kilogram/cubic meter to ounce/cubic foot

How to Convert kilogram/cubic meter to ounce/cubic foot

To convert kilogram/cubic meter to ounce/cubic foot, the formula is used,
o = k × 62.42796
where the kilogram/cubic meter to oz,ft^3 value is substituted to get the answer from Density Converter.
1 kilogram/cubic meter
0.9988 oz,ft^3
1 oz,ft^3
1.0012 kilogram/cubic meter
Example: convert 15 kilogram/cubic meter to oz,ft^3:
15 kilogram/cubic meter
0.9988 oz,ft^3
14.983 oz,ft^3

kilogram/cubic meter to ounce/cubic foot Conversion Table

kilogram/cubic meter ounce/cubic foot (oz,ft^3)
0.01 kilogram/cubic meter0.009988474 oz,ft^3
0.1 kilogram/cubic meter0.099884737 oz,ft^3
1 kilogram/cubic meter0.998847369 oz,ft^3
2 kilogram/cubic meter1.997694738 oz,ft^3
3 kilogram/cubic meter2.996542108 oz,ft^3
5 kilogram/cubic meter4.994236846 oz,ft^3
10 kilogram/cubic meter9.988473692 oz,ft^3
20 kilogram/cubic meter19.97694738 oz,ft^3
50 kilogram/cubic meter49.94236846 oz,ft^3
100 kilogram/cubic meter99.88473692 oz,ft^3
1000 kilogram/cubic meter998.8473692 oz,ft^3

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