Convert degree/second to radian/second

How to Convert degree/second to radian/second

To convert degree/second to radian/second, the formula is used,
where the deg,s to rad,s value is substituted to get the answer from Velocity - Angular Converter.
1 deg,s
0.0175 rad,s
1 rad,s
57.296 deg,s
Example: convert 15 deg,s to rad,s:
15 deg,s
0.0175 rad,s
0.2618 rad,s

degree/second to radian/second Conversion Table

degree/second (deg,s)radian/second (rad,s)
0.01 deg,s0.000174533 rad,s
0.1 deg,s0.001745329 rad,s
1 deg,s0.017453293 rad,s
2 deg,s0.034906585 rad,s
3 deg,s0.052359878 rad,s
5 deg,s0.087266463 rad,s
10 deg,s0.174532925 rad,s
20 deg,s0.34906585 rad,s
50 deg,s0.872664626 rad,s
100 deg,s1.745329252 rad,s
1000 deg,s17.45329252 rad,s

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