Convert mile/minute to knot (UK)

How to Convert mile/minute to knot (UK)

To convert mile/minute to knot (UK), the formula is used,
K = M × 1.15078
where the mi,min to kt (UK) value is substituted to get the answer from Speed Converter.
1 mi,min
52.105 kt (UK)
1 kt (UK)
0.0192 mi,min
Example: convert 15 mi,min to kt (UK):
15 mi,min
52.105 kt (UK)
781.58 kt (UK)

mile/minute to knot (UK) Conversion Table

mile/minute (mi,min)knot (UK) (kt (UK))
0.01 mi,min0.521052632 kt (UK)
0.1 mi,min5.210526316 kt (UK)
1 mi,min52.10526316 kt (UK)
2 mi,min104.2105263 kt (UK)
3 mi,min156.3157895 kt (UK)
5 mi,min260.5263158 kt (UK)
10 mi,min521.0526316 kt (UK)
20 mi,min1042.105263 kt (UK)
50 mi,min2605.263158 kt (UK)
100 mi,min5210.526316 kt (UK)
1000 mi,min52105.26316 kt (UK)

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