Convert kilocalorie (IT)/kilogram/K to kilocalorie (th)/kilogram/°C

How to Convert kilocalorie (IT)/kilogram/K to kilocalorie (th)/kilogram/°C

To convert kilocalorie (IT)/kilogram/K to kilocalorie (th)/kilogram/°C , the formula is used,
kilocalorie (th)/kilogram/°C = kilocalorie (IT)/kilogram/K × 1.00066904680396
where the kilocalorie (IT)/kilogram/K to kilocalorie (th)/kilogram/°C value is substituted to get the answer from Specific Heat Capacity Converter.
1 kilocalorie (IT)/kilogram/K
1.0007 kilocalorie (th)/kilogram/°C
1 kilocalorie (th)/kilogram/°C
0.9993 kilocalorie (IT)/kilogram/K
Example: convert 15 kilocalorie (IT)/kilogram/K to kilocalorie (th)/kilogram/°C:
15 kilocalorie (IT)/kilogram/K
1.0007 kilocalorie (th)/kilogram/°C
15.01 kilocalorie (th)/kilogram/°C

kilocalorie (IT)/kilogram/K to kilocalorie (th)/kilogram/°C Conversion Table

kilocalorie (IT)/kilogram/K kilocalorie (th)/kilogram/°C
0.01 kilocalorie (IT)/kilogram/K 0.010006692 kilocalorie (th)/kilogram/°C
0.1 kilocalorie (IT)/kilogram/K 0.100066922 kilocalorie (th)/kilogram/°C
1 kilocalorie (IT)/kilogram/K 1.000669216 kilocalorie (th)/kilogram/°C
2 kilocalorie (IT)/kilogram/K 2.001338432 kilocalorie (th)/kilogram/°C
3 kilocalorie (IT)/kilogram/K 3.002007648 kilocalorie (th)/kilogram/°C
5 kilocalorie (IT)/kilogram/K 5.00334608 kilocalorie (th)/kilogram/°C
10 kilocalorie (IT)/kilogram/K 10.00669216 kilocalorie (th)/kilogram/°C
20 kilocalorie (IT)/kilogram/K 20.01338432 kilocalorie (th)/kilogram/°C
50 kilocalorie (IT)/kilogram/K 50.0334608 kilocalorie (th)/kilogram/°C
100 kilocalorie (IT)/kilogram/K 100.0669216 kilocalorie (th)/kilogram/°C
1000 kilocalorie (IT)/kilogram/K 1000.669216 kilocalorie (th)/kilogram/°C

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