Convert Btu (th)/pound/°F to calorie (IT)/gram/°F

How to Convert Btu (th)/pound/°F to calorie (IT)/gram/°F

To convert Btu (th)/pound/°F to calorie (IT)/gram/°F , the formula is used,
Calorie (IT)/gram/°F = Btu (th)/pound/°F × 0.25216
where the Btu (th)/pound/°F to calorie (IT)/gram/°F value is substituted to get the answer from Specific Heat Capacity Converter.
1 Btu (th)/pound/°F
0.9993 calorie (IT)/gram/°F
1 calorie (IT)/gram/°F
1.0007 Btu (th)/pound/°F
Example: convert 15 Btu (th)/pound/°F to calorie (IT)/gram/°F:
15 Btu (th)/pound/°F
0.9993 calorie (IT)/gram/°F
14.99 calorie (IT)/gram/°F

Btu (th)/pound/°F to calorie (IT)/gram/°F Conversion Table

Btu (th)/pound/°F calorie (IT)/gram/°F
0.01 Btu (th)/pound/°F 0.009993312 calorie (IT)/gram/°F
0.1 Btu (th)/pound/°F 0.099933123 calorie (IT)/gram/°F
1 Btu (th)/pound/°F 0.999331231 calorie (IT)/gram/°F
2 Btu (th)/pound/°F 1.998662463 calorie (IT)/gram/°F
3 Btu (th)/pound/°F 2.997993694 calorie (IT)/gram/°F
5 Btu (th)/pound/°F 4.996656157 calorie (IT)/gram/°F
10 Btu (th)/pound/°F 9.993312315 calorie (IT)/gram/°F
20 Btu (th)/pound/°F 19.98662463 calorie (IT)/gram/°F
50 Btu (th)/pound/°F 49.96656157 calorie (IT)/gram/°F
100 Btu (th)/pound/°F 99.93312315 calorie (IT)/gram/°F
1000 Btu (th)/pound/°F 999.3312315 calorie (IT)/gram/°F

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