Convert kilovolt ampere to pferdestarke (ps)

How to Convert kilovolt ampere to pferdestarke (ps)

1 kV*A
1.3596 pferdestarke (ps)
1 pferdestarke (ps)
0.7355 kV*A
Example: convert 15 kV*A to pferdestarke (ps):
15 kV*A
1.3596 pferdestarke (ps)
20.394 pferdestarke (ps)

kilovolt ampere to pferdestarke (ps) Conversion Table

kilovolt ampere (kV*A)
pferdestarke (ps)
0.01 kV*A0.013596216 pferdestarke (ps)
0.1 kV*A0.135962162 pferdestarke (ps)
1 kV*A1.359621617 pferdestarke (ps)
2 kV*A2.719243235 pferdestarke (ps)
3 kV*A4.078864852 pferdestarke (ps)
5 kV*A6.798108087 pferdestarke (ps)
10 kV*A13.59621617 pferdestarke (ps)
20 kV*A27.19243235 pferdestarke (ps)
50 kV*A67.98108087 pferdestarke (ps)
100 kV*A135.9621617 pferdestarke (ps)
1000 kV*A1359.621617 pferdestarke (ps)

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