Convert kilocalorie (th)/second to Btu (th)/hour

How to Convert kilocalorie (th)/second to Btu (th)/hour

To convert kilocalorie (th)/second to Btu (th)/hour , the formula is used,
B t u ( t h ) / h o u r = k i l o c a l o r i e ( t h ) / s e c o n d × 3600
where the kilocalorie (th)/second to Btu (th),h value is substituted to get the answer from Power Converter.
1 kilocalorie (th)/second
14286 Btu (th),h
1 Btu (th),h
0.0001 kilocalorie (th)/second
Example: convert 15 kilocalorie (th)/second to Btu (th),h:
15 kilocalorie (th)/second
14286 Btu (th),h
21428e+1 Btu (th),h

kilocalorie (th)/second to Btu (th)/hour Conversion Table

kilocalorie (th)/second Btu (th)/hour (Btu (th),h)
0.01 kilocalorie (th)/second 142.8595817 Btu (th),h
0.1 kilocalorie (th)/second 1428.595817 Btu (th),h
1 kilocalorie (th)/second 14285.95817 Btu (th),h
2 kilocalorie (th)/second 28571.91635 Btu (th),h
3 kilocalorie (th)/second 42857.87452 Btu (th),h
5 kilocalorie (th)/second 71429.79087 Btu (th),h
10 kilocalorie (th)/second 142859.5817 Btu (th),h
20 kilocalorie (th)/second 285719.1635 Btu (th),h
50 kilocalorie (th)/second 714297.9087 Btu (th),h
100 kilocalorie (th)/second 1428595.817 Btu (th),h
1000 kilocalorie (th)/second 14285958.17 Btu (th),h

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