Convert foot to chain (US survey)

How to Convert foot to chain (US survey)

To convert foot to chain (US survey), the formula is used,
1 foot = 0.0151515 chain (US survey)
where the ft to ch value is substituted to get the answer from Length Converter.
1 ft
0.0152 ch
1 ch
66 ft
Example: convert 15 ft to ch:
15 ft
0.0152 ch
0.2273 ch

foot to chain (US survey) Conversion Table

foot (ft)chain (US survey) (ch)
0.01 ft0.000151515 ch
0.1 ft0.001515148 ch
1 ft0.015151485 ch
2 ft0.03030297 ch
3 ft0.045454455 ch
5 ft0.075757424 ch
10 ft0.151514848 ch
20 ft0.303029697 ch
50 ft0.757574242 ch
100 ft1.515148485 ch
1000 ft15.15148485 ch

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