Convert gallon (US)/mile to gallon (UK)/mile

How to Convert gallon (US)/mile to gallon (UK)/mile

To convert gallon (US)/mile to gallon (UK)/mile , the formula is used,
guk/m = gus/m * 0.832674
where the gallon (US)/mile to gallon (UK)/mile value is substituted to get the answer from Fuel Consumption Converter.

gallon (US)/mile to gallon (UK)/mile Conversion Table

gallon (US)/mile gallon (UK)/mile
0.01 gallon (US)/mile 0.008326742 gallon (UK)/mile
0.1 gallon (US)/mile 0.083267418 gallon (UK)/mile
1 gallon (US)/mile 0.832674185 gallon (UK)/mile
2 gallon (US)/mile 1.665348369 gallon (UK)/mile
3 gallon (US)/mile 2.498022554 gallon (UK)/mile
5 gallon (US)/mile 4.163370923 gallon (UK)/mile
10 gallon (US)/mile 8.326741845 gallon (UK)/mile
20 gallon (US)/mile 16.65348369 gallon (UK)/mile
50 gallon (US)/mile 41.63370923 gallon (UK)/mile
100 gallon (US)/mile 83.26741845 gallon (UK)/mile
1000 gallon (US)/mile 832.6741845 gallon (UK)/mile

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