Convert joule to poundal foot

How to Convert joule to poundal foot

To convert joule to poundal foot, the formula is used,
J = Lbft * 7.233
where the J to pdl*ft value is substituted to get the answer from Energy Converter.
1 J
23.73 pdl*ft
1 pdl*ft
0.0421 J
Example: convert 15 J to pdl*ft:
15 J
23.73 pdl*ft
355.96 pdl*ft

joule to poundal foot Conversion Table

joule (J)poundal foot (pdl*ft)
0.01 J0.237303605 pdl*ft
0.1 J2.373036046 pdl*ft
1 J23.73036046 pdl*ft
2 J47.46072091 pdl*ft
3 J71.19108137 pdl*ft
5 J118.6518023 pdl*ft
10 J237.3036046 pdl*ft
20 J474.6072091 pdl*ft
50 J1186.518023 pdl*ft
100 J2373.036046 pdl*ft
1000 J23730.36046 pdl*ft

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